Are you one of the thousands of people who eagerly
follow every new fashion that appears?
Or are you one of those who go to the shops and just
buy whatever they can find in their size that suits them?
Or perhaps you order from a mail-orde catalogue,
and then have to send everything back because nothing fits?
Whatever kind of shopper you are,
Everyone finds clothes really important.
Accoring to a recent survey, people spend more
time either buying clothes, or thinking about
buying them, or looking at them in shop windows -
than they do on most other products, apart from food.
And the reason is obvious.
Clothes are an important part of our appearance.
At work - you may need to impress a customer, or persuade
the boss that you know what you are doing,
and clothes certainly help.
Well-dressed people, so they say, get on in the world.
And as far as attracting the opposite sex is concerned,
clothes also play a vital role.
If a friend who has been wearing the same old jacket or
the same ol dress suddenly appears in the latest fasion,
you can be sure that romance is in the air. And apart from
work and romance, there are the influences of sport,
music and leisure in the way we dress.
So excuse me while I put on my apron and training shoes.
I'm just dashing off for some fast