Short Story
Mrs. Robinson was a teacher in a big school in a city in America.
She'd some students who were 10-11 years old in her class,
and she always enjoyed teaching them, because they were all
clever and quick. They learned and thought about everything carefully.
One day she said to them:
"People in a lot of countries in Asia wear white clothes at funerals,
but people in America and in Europe wear white clothes when they're happy.
What colour does a women wear in this country when she marries, Mary?"
Mary answered, " White, Miss, because she's happy."
"That's good, Mary! You're quite right.
But then one of the boys in the class put his hand up.
"Yes, Dick ! Do you want to ask something?"
"Yes, will you explain, please Miss?
-- If so, why do men wear black in this country when they marry, Miss ?"

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