Crossed trebles, set between those of the preceding row.
Trebles for a chain.—A quicker way of making a wide footing for a crochet
lace is to make the trebles in the following manner.
Make 4 chain stitches, 2 overs, put the needle into the first of the 4 chain, 1 over,
draw the thread through the stitch *, 1 over, draw the thread through
the next 2 loops and repeat twice from * = ** 2 overs, put the needle into the
left bottom part of the treble, close the treble as before and repeat from **.
2nd row—** 7 trebles on the chain stitch of the last row which connects 7 bars,
1 plain stitch on the 4th of the 7 trebles of the first row and repeat from **.
Picots.—The edges of most crochet work are ornamented with picots,

or small points of different shapes, called severally close picots, chain picots
and lace picots. Close picots may be subdivided into, large and small,
pointed, and rounded, picots with rounded leaves and picots with pointed

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