Accessories are the opportunity or right to use something...
Mother of pearl features heavily on clothing and
accessories this season.
It is also made up in seasonal low cost necklaces and bangles.
Another affordable material being used is turquoise.
These ethnic inspired necklaces come from India and
I think they would also
look wonderful on large women with presence.
By Marc Lindsay
Colour Red: love. They can also carry connotations
of respect, and a promise of courage for trials to be faced in the future.
Pink: admiration and love in its earliest stages.
A very pale pink, particularly in a carnation, can mean sympathy,
whereas the darker shades tend to imply gracefulness
and the admission that one has fallen in love.
Yellow: joy. They can also mean a generally happy,
excitable person who is well-loved, although some books record
this rose as a rose of unsteady affections.
White: innocence. They are also associated with humility, awe of the lover,
a respect for the purity of the lover and is also a rose of secrecy and silently
recognised affection (they could therefore be used as anonymous
deliveries to an office or workplace).
Orange: enthusiasm and lust for life. An energetic or eccentric lover
would probably appreciate the vibrant colours, as this is the
sort of personality denoted by the shade.
Dark red or burgundy: passion and recognition of intensity and beauty.
Personal Attachments
Some flowers that should not be given to a lover unless
there is a personal attachment to the species:
Begonia: Be careful of my affections
Purple Carnation: Capriciousness
Striped Carnation: a refusal of a lovers attentions
Yellow Carnation: rejectionCyclamen: goodbye forever
Geranium: I am making a mistake
Hydrangea: heartlessness
Larkspur (pink): ficklenessLotus: an estranged lover
Marigold: Jealousy, grief
Snapdragon: an admission of deceit
Size and Number of Roses Rosebuds are generally given to younger,
or more innocent lovers. They can also be used as the
first confession of love,
although white rosebuds indicate an affection that the suit
or cannot declare openly because the lover is too young or innocent.
A single rose indicates the simple message I love you.
A bunch of roses represents gratitude or great admiration for the recipient.
Two roses with their stems twisted together suggest engagement;
this symbol was sometimes used as a subtle hint before
a proposal of marriage. A thornless rose indicates love at first sight.
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