After washing and ironing, the material will be cautiously cut out from under
the sticks with sharp and pointed scissors.The embroidery is made on a
frame in order to prevent that the material would be drawn together by
the feet. Perhaps this is the "youngest" kind of embroidery and it is most
popular first of all in folk art. In the famous Italian and French lace
manufactures sewn and reel laces were made and these were extremely
time consuming. Their line-like motives were imitated by the renaissance
or Richelieu embroideries.
These embroidery techniques have been known since the age of Renaissance,
but they got an important role only when Colbert founded lace manufactures
in France. The centre of big hole sewn lace manufacturing was Sedan.
The so called English madeira consists of more defined model elements while
Richelieu or renaissance embroidery comes from the elements of free
hand drawing and wide, lace-like surfaces may be produced with it.

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