Stop the Canadian Horse Slaughter!

Stop the Canadian Horse Slaughter!
New hidden camera footage from the
Canadian Horse Defense Coalition
shows shockingly inhumane and cruel treatment of horses
being slaughtered for human consumption.
Footage shot by hidden camera at Natural Valley Farms
in Sasketchewan Canada shows
the slaughter house worker is not always able to stun the horses properly
to render them fully unconscious before they are slaughtered
by slitting their throat.
The footage also showed horses slipping on the kill pen floor,
which appeared extremely slippery.
"Its legs are spinning around; it's like it's on ice.
The legs are just spinning around in circles, it's trying to go backwards,
it's trying to go forwards — it's just sheer terror, sheer panic," said
a veterinarian who watched the footage on videotape.
The Canadian Food Inspection Agency allows for about 5% of animals
to wake up during the slaughter process.
"There are parts of the animal that are still moving that
let you know that for at while at least, it's conscious," he said.
Other violations in the video of Canada's food inspection act including:
the transportation of animals on double-decker trailers;
horses transported with their horseshoes on and not separated
(they hurt each other otherwise);
the transportation of horses across the U.S./Canadian border (illegal)
and horses unloaded at night without supervision.
The footage also showed evidence of the transportation of lame,
blind and starved horses (including a horse with a visible tumor
and another with eye cancer)
as well as the transportation of a very pregnant mare,
and the discovery of a full-term foal in a rendering pit
that had been eviscerated by animals.
Finally the video alleges that the horses are not being provided food or water
as they wait overnight in pens, are too densely packed.
We are collecting signatures to raise awareness and
solidarity around this horrendous issue-- not enough people know about this!
Sign and pass on to friends!
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