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Chiffon Tops and Jarsey Dresses
Kimono Styles
E A S Y !!!
One of the ways to stretch your family budget
(besides shopping at thrift, secondhand, or consignment shops)
is to sew the things you can so that you are not needlessly spending extra money---
even if your financial situation appears prosperous.
If you do not yet know how to sew, then talk to one of the ladies
at the fabric store and tell her of your desire to learn to sew...
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If you are a little more experienced ---
and I don't mean a "pro" seamstress,
you can branch out to making new projects for your home...
Dresses, skirts, blouses, lap quilts, wall hangings, appliance covers, table clothes,
curtains & draperies, bedskirts, quilts... and so on!
Fresh curtains or new pillows give a room a whole new look and are so,
so easy to do!
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