When Can My Baby Start Yogurt?
Most pediatricians recommend starting your infant on Yogurt around 7-8 months of age. Some pediatricians also recommend yogurt as a great first food (from 6 months+).
Selecting a Whole Milk Yogurt is the most beneficial to your infant as babies need fats
in their diets for proper growth!
You can buy Plain Whole Milk Yogurt made by such companies as Stonyfield Farm, Cascade Fresh and Brown Cow.
Stonyfield Farm makes the YoBaby brand that many parents know and love! However, using a large container of Plain Whole Milk yogurt will save you money (and save on added sugar) and give you the flexibility of adding your own flavorings to baby's yogurt. As regards yogurts marketed for for infants (between the ages of 8 months and 12 months old), the YoBaby brand does contain natural organic sugars. The sugar content is less than in a brand such as Dannimals and it is natural and not refined or chemically processed sugar. There are no additives such as starches, fructose syrup, gelatin etc in the Stonyfield YoBaby brand either. You may be surprised to learn that all yogurts, even the Plain yogurts, will contain sugar. Sugar (lactose) occurs naturally in dairy products. This "dairy" sugar is not an additive and
we feel that is an important distinction to make!



myspace layouts

myspace layouts

The excitement of the holiday season begins the moment
the Special Day's parade sails on by.
With the appearance of old Saint Nick on the tail
end of that caravan,
kids and adults alike start preparing for
the arrival of Christmas.
To help mark the days and commence the countdown,
Christmas gifts are popular this time of year.
Here's how you can put your own creative spin on the concept,
plus incorporate the idea of hanging stockings into the design.
Some fun crafts are based on an idea presented
by Fun Magazines and utilizes stray socks,
mittens or pieces of scrap holiday fabric you may have on hand.
Fortunately, there are many easy ways a busy parent
(or grandparent, aunt or uncle) can engage children
in creative fun right at home.
And For you? Try Crochet!
Like me...
I love to peruse leaflets every so often but
have yet to buy anything; however,
I've got plenty of items saved in my Favorites area.
I'm always amazed at the creativity out there!
I discovered these little crocheted items about a month ago
and have been thinking about them ever since.
They also make sweet flowers!
And a LOT of different colors to choose from.
Guess what I was going to try for my friends,
lace table napkins and some lavender bags,
...finally? I hope.
As much as I wish I was more optimistic about that,
I’m hopeful nonetheless.
Up to you!

Do you like colorful laces?
Here I posted and wanted to share some crochet patterns and graphics.
Daisies, round patterns, grapes and lace curtains.

Detailed demonstration of
Shell design
which can be used as edging or part of a crochet pattern.



Eski Türklerde Askerler savaşırken
arkadan gelecek herhangi bir saldırıyı edebilmek için
sırtlarını bir ağaca, kaya veya taşa vererek ok atarlarmış.
Atalarımız genelde bozkır hayatı yaşadıkları için
bu sırt dayanan nesne genelde bir taş veya kaya olurmuş.
Yıllar sonra sırt dayanan taşın ismi
ARKA-TAŞ dan ARKADAŞ şeklinde
dilimize yerleşmiş ve bugün bile güvenebileceğimiz
bizi arkadan vurmayacak olan
samimiyetine güvendiğimiz kişilere verdiğimiz isimdir
* * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
Aşk ve arkadaşlık bir gün yolda karşılaşırlar.
Aşk, kendinden emin bir şekilde sorar;
Ben senden daha samimi ve daha cana yakınım
sen niye varsın ki bu dünyada?
Arkadaşlık cevap verir:
Sen gittikten sonra bıraktığın
gözyaşlarını silmek için...
Arkadaşsız Kalmayın....


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