Flying to ITALY...

Next week I'll be in Padova ...

I'll visit Padua and take somephotos there.
I want to see
"La Specola" e la riviera San Benedetto and if possible
The Orto Botanico di Padova,
which is the world's oldest academic botanical garden that is still in its original location. (Officially, the oldest university botanical garden is the Orto botanico di Pisa,
which was founded in 1544; however, that garden was relocated twice
and has only occupied its current,
and now-permanent, location since 1591.)
It is located in Padua, Italy and was founded in 1545.
The garden, affiliated with the University of Padua,
currently covers roughly 22,000 square meters,
and is known for its special collections and historical design.

And hope to visit Venice :) for you all...

Some photos from my daughter's visit...

Being in Venice ?

(Venezia) is one of the world's greatest pedestrian cities. Whether it's sparkling in late spring sunshine or shrouded in winter mist, this city will enchant you in every way. No automotive vehicles are permitted within the city of Venice, which lies offshore on a series of islands.

Everything in the city is transported by boat from the mainland and through the cities many canals to its destination.

The fact that there are no cars, buses, or motorcycles on Venice's narrow streets make it a perfect place to walk around and will enjoy the old city sights.

See you soon ;) ...

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