The Beauties of Earth

As the Sun shines

throughout the day

clouds gleaming and moving slowly

amidst the blue skies in the horizon

watching birds freely flying everywhere

the moon gives the Sun's light at night

and countless stars shining so brightly

amidst the dark skies filled with hope

but silently waiting for the Truth be told


in our awe to look up in admiration

is down on Earth so much Life to feel

all the trees, plants, flowers, gardens

and animals as the beauty of creations

as the wonders of Nature that abounds

streams, rivers, lakes, seas

and oceans and shores,

hills, mountains, meadows

everything lives in a beautiful relationship

but more that what our eyes could see

is the people our home is blessed with

that to appreciate all creation is Love

and everflowing to protect Life there is

the same way Earth cares for us people

that with a grateful Heart we also honor

and this gives glory to God

Our Creator

as a creation who is thankful and caring

what makes people greater in meaning

is even if we are different in many ways

in Unity to become one

as a Holy Family

on Earth as Heaven is home

in our Heart!


David Santos said...

Have a nice weekend!

Anonymous said...

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