“Tourism&Travel Exhibition-Meditt Antalya”
Beautiful Views from Marina, Kekova,
Side-Aspendos, Adrasan, Demre and Center
Antalya is a famous important tourism center in Turkey. Antalya receives about
4 million foreign tourists each year and tourism is the major source of money income
for the investors and the local people. The beautiful beaches and the clean seawater
are major attractions for tourists. An integrated coastal zone management is needed
to conserve all the natural beauties and achieve sustainable tourism and development.
A good place for vacation and has lots of Historical Areas.

Museums shed light on Anatolian history

Thousands of works with traces of various cultures are on display at museums all around Turkey. Antalya, Alanya and Side museums in the Mediterranean, the ones in the eastern Anatolian cities of Erzurum and Kars, and Amasra and Ereğli museums in the Black Sea region receive great interest from visitorsANKARA - Anatolia News Agency
Anatolia is home to important historical works including the Castle of Erzurum, the Ruins of Ani in Kars and the Genocide Monument in Iğdır.
The region's four museums are the Archaeology Museum, the Turkish and
Islamic Arts Museum (Yakutiye Madrasah), Atatürk House, and the Castle of Erzurum as a site of ruins.
On display at the Archaeology Museum are works belonging to the Karaz culture dating back 5-6,000 years. Works belonging to the Trans-Caucasus culture are also on display.
Nearly 20,000 works are being exhibited at the Archaeology Museum. Some 8,000 of them are coins, approximately 3-4,000 are ethnography works, and the rest are archaeological works. The Yakutiye
Turkish and Islamic Arts Museum exhibits 750-800 works. The museum building, a monumental construction dating back to the İlhanlı period in 1310, displays ethnography works such as dresses, jewelry, manuscripts and amulets belonging to the periods ranging from the Seljuks to the Ottomans.
“Our other museum is the Atatürk House where the national struggle started. This place has vital importance because the foundation of the Turkish Republic was laid here. Objects like pictures, photos and maps in the building are also on display,” says the Erzurum Museum director, Mustafa Erkmen, adding that all the museums are open to visitors.
Pointing to the importance of the Erzurum Castle, Erkmen says there is a clock tower, a madrasah, a tomb and mosque from the Saltuklu period in the castle.
The Ruins of Ani are located on a high hill in the Ocaklı village of Kars, where there are 10 churches, a bridge, and the remains of many buildings. The ruins attract the attention of
tourists visiting the region.

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